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Friday, July 8, 2011

Rachel Maddow explains recent death penalty decisions

... and there are some great clips from the news media in terms of how they are talking about the death penalty as well.

So what has happened? The state of Texas just executed a foreign citizen (Mexican) who was not given prior access to his own government. The US Supreme Court refused to stop it (in a 5-4 decision, surprise!). This violates international law and puts American citizens abroad at risk of being executed without access to their government first (the logic here is along the same lines as the torture issue--if we do it, it sends a message to our enemies that they can torture our troops, too).

The state of Texas killed an innocent man, Cameron Willingham.

And states are unable to find suitable drugs for the lethal injection concoction that is used in lethal injection.

It is all here. This is a wonderful summary of the issues in the news right now.

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