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Monday, October 3, 2011

Why is this man still talking? (and his daughter is qualified because??)...

Dick Cheney is still talking.


Discussing the recent killing of an American citizen by predator drone strike in Yemen (without trial), Cheney said: "I think it was a very good strike. I think it was justified." Then he added: "I'm waiting for the administration to go back and correct something they said two years ago when they criticized us for 'overreacting' to the events of 9/11."

The Obama administration has "clearly ... moved in the direction of taking robust action when they feel it is justified," Cheney said.

Cheney's daughter, Liz Cheney, went a step further, saying Obama "in effect said that we had walked away from (America's) ideals."

"I think he did tremendous damage," Liz Cheney said. "I think he slandered the nation and I think he owes an apology to the American people."

And Liz Cheney is qualified to make such a statement because???????

When asked by Crowley if Dick Cheney also wants an apology, the former vice president replied, "Well, I would. I think that would be not for me, but I think for the Bush administration."

Republican critics of the administration claim it is hypocritical for Obama to approve the killing of Americans without due process while criticizing Bush officials for signing off on the use of so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" such as waterboarding.

The use of such techniques has been banned by Obama.

In other criminal justice news, some of the Supreme Court's docket has become known. From CNN:

"Think segregation. Think abortion. And now the latest divisive debate over the role of government: health care reform.

"Monumental. Unprecedented. Life-changing. For a town that oozes hyperbole, the stakes in an almost certain election-year Supreme Court review of health care cannot be overstated."

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