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Monday, April 29, 2013

CNN: Be afraid, be very afraid

We all witnessed the horror of the Boston bombings.

And we've been told, consistently, that two men acted alone. This was not an international conspiracy like, say, the 9/11 attacks. And al-Qaeda had nothing to do with it.

Yet, remember after 9/11, anytime an attack was launched anywhere around the world, the media would report about possible "links" or "ties" to al-Qaeda. It would often turn out in those cases that there was no link or tie to al-Qaeda, or that the link or tie was perhaps a single email exchange or that an attacker had once met a member of al-Qaeda or something like that. Having an interaction with someone means you are linked or tied to them does not make it a meaningful link or tie.

Yet, with the Boston bombers, CNN is at it again. Today, CNN reported, live on the air, that a raid in Russia was possibly connected to the Boston bombing. The reporter repeatedly said they were showing images of a violent raid by the Russian military today (where a man was killed) because it was the latest image and information they had on the Boston bombing. In this context of tanks rolling in and a building being exploded on the air, the reporter repeated that this may be linked or tied to the Boston bombing.

Going to a reporter live elsewhere (but strangely not on the scene of the raid), the CNN reporter asked the other man about this supposed connection. Astonishingly, the other reporter indicated that the older Boston bomber (now dead) had posted a video of a man on his YouTube page, a video supposedly promoting some kind of jihad. So that is the link or tie to this group in Russia now being raided by the military there? Got that, the Boston bomber was linked or tied to this group because one of them posted a Youtube video about them?

Wow, CNN, given this, I guess it is also fair to say that you are linked or tied to the group as well.

What, exactly, does this supposed news report have to do with the facts? And what value does it add to the discussion of the Boston bombings?


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