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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

News about the American Dream

My criminologist friends should like this one.

A recent poll finds that nearly 60% of Americans think the "American Dream" is no longer achievable.

Young adults, age 18 to 34, are most likely to feel the dream is unattainable, with 63% saying it's impossible. This age group has suffered in the wake of the Great Recession, finding it hard to get good jobs.

Younger Americans are a cause of great concern. Many respondents said they are worried about the next generation's ability to prosper.

Some 63% of all Americans said most children in the U.S. won't be better off than their parents. This dour view comes despite most respondents, 54%, feeling they are better off than their own parents.

But, there is also good news. Sort of.

According to an article: Set your sights on this number: 113,000.

 That's how many jobs the U.S. economy needs to hit its break-even point, to finally recover all the jobs lost in the financial crisis.

Since those jobs will largely be in the service industry, don't expect people to be making enough money to achieve the American Dream.

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