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Monday, September 8, 2014

Um, CNN, really? These are LEAD stories?

Why do Americans need to know who Tiger Woods is friends with, or that a British royal couple is having a second baby?

Those are among CNN's top stories today.

NEW Will and Kate expecting 2nd baby
Tiger Woods is friends with WHOM?  Tiger Woods is friends with WHOM?

And here is another of their gems:

Camper sleepwalks off of a cliff  Camper sleepwalks off of a cliff

And another:

Falling gargoyle statue kills woman  Falling gargoyle statue kills woman

And this one is highly suggestive that what CNN is after is simply those voyeuristic souls among us who are not interested in being informed but instead just entertained:

Hammerhead chases swimmers  Hammerhead chases swimmers

So when is the news not the news anymore? Right now. Over at CNN.

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