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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Columbine?

Police in Tampa, FL say they thwarted another Columbine attack.

The story is all over the news, including overseas. Her is the story in the UK's The Guardian.

See the link to Columbine? He wanted to hav

It should be pointed out that the Cole more victims than Columbine.

That is it.

So there is no link.

Notice the lack of context. How often does this occur? What was his motivation? How safe are schools? What is actually most dangerous to kids?

This young man ahd "bomb making materials" at his house, whatever that means (heck, we all do).

It should be pointed out that the Columbine attackers also used bombs, but they all failed to detonate. What is to say this kid was not just as inept?

Yet, the media needs us to be afraid, even of things that are extremely rare, so that we do not focus on bigger issue that might call into question the status quo.

You'll find no such answer in this story or any others on this "event."

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