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Monday, August 15, 2011

I see WHITE people

Turn on CSPAN and you'll see lots of white people. Whites are highly overrepresented among lawmakers.

And the mainstream media are becoming whiter too.

From the article:

"As the American Society of Newspaper Editors has reported, racial and ethnic minorities make up less than 13 percent of newsroom employees. Minority ownership of television stations hovers around 3 percent, while radio station ownership is at 7 percent, despite the fact that the minority population of the U.S. is roughly 28 percent."

In the book I show the benefits of alternative media. One of them is non-corporate owned media are more demographically diverse. They also show a wide range of viewpoints that you don't tend to see in the mainstream press.

As noted in this article: "The role of the news media is to provide a forum for discussion and engagement for all people in society."

But if you rely on the corporate media for information, you're getting very limited, pro status quo viewpoints from an increasingly white population.

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