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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How the local news works

If you pay attention, you see it every day. This is how the local news works.

First, you find a local crime story (or regional one if a local one is not available, and if that fails, a national one that is random or bizarre or that involves a young, white, female victim).

This will do:

Lake County deputies kill a man after knocking on wrong door (WESH)

Cops shoot man dead — at wrong address

Officers looking for an attempted murder suspect knock on the wrong door, with tragic results. 'Bizarre' circumstances

Then you link it to any other stories that are similar in any way, such as:

And then you run them, all together.

See the link? Story one is about a tragic shooting. Story two is also about a shooting. The two have nothing to do with each other, but since they share the word "shooting" you go with it.

People that shoot others can go to jail. So you run the third story because it has the word "jail" in it. Finally, story four deals with a Sheriff who runs a famous jail, so you can run that, too.

It is sad, but it is in the news every day, just like this. And people are constantly bombarded with this news, thinking the world is a much meaner and scarier place than it really is.

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