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Friday, July 20, 2012

Yep, it is the lead story

Early this morning I awoke to this...

Now it is of course the lead story everywhere:

And look carefully about what the media let you do with this story ... listen to the 9/11 calls, police radio, even look at graphic images of the victims! And we wonder why these things occur.

Federal officials: #Aurora gunman propped open rear door of theater, put on gear, threw tear gas and began shooting. " -
James Holmes, 24, is suspect in #Aurora shootings, say two federal law enforcement officials. " -
Witnesses: #Aurora gunman waited for 2 tear gas canisters to explode before firing into air and then at moviegoers. " -
Suspect in #theatershooting was dressed in black, wore bulletproof vest and riot or gas mask, witnesses say. " -
Police clarify number of wounded in #theatershooting is 38. " -

Colorado theater massacre

Gunman kills 12 at new Batman movie

• Suspect is 24-year-old James Holmes
• Black-clad gunman fired randomly
• Screaming moviegoers ran to escape
• Theater's back door was propped open
• Smoking canister tossed in

Police Trying to Disarm 'Booby Traps'
In Massacre Suspect's Apartment

URGENT: Police and FBI are questioning James Holmes, 24, the suspected gunman in a shooting early this morning at a crowded Aurora, Colo., movie theater that left 12 people dead and at least 50 wounded, as police work to disarm explosive 'booby traps' in his apartment.
  • Witness Thought It Was a Prank | Mall Shooting Survivor Among Victims | PHOTOS: Colorado Shooting Spree
  • WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES -- Alleged Victim Posts Pics
  • VIDEOS: Police Arrest Lone Suspect | Witness Describes 'Chaos' | Authorities Collect Evidence
  • VIDEOS: LISTEN: Police Radio After Theater Massacre | What Mark Will Theater Shooting Leave?
  • Mass Shooting in Colorado: How to Follow it on Twitter |
  • DR. ABLOW: Movie Had Nothing to Do With Shooting | NYC Police Express Concerns, Paris Cancels Opening

  • This will get interesting. Soon we'll learn of how the shooter was mad at the world for past wrongs, mentally ill yet untreated, and probably highly interested in and influenced by media images of violence. And of course we will learn nothing from it.

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