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Friday, August 10, 2012

I saw this once. It actually happens.

We were driving on the Interstate, probably about 70 miles per hour, in the right lane of traffic. Alongside us on the left side of the car a young woman flew by us. In the short amount of time we had to see her as she sped past, this is what we saw:

* a young woman
* driving way too fast
* with a young baby in the front, passenger seat of the car (presumably there is an airbag and whether there is or there isn't, the baby is supposed to be in the backseat!)
* the baby was facing forward instead of backward (major mistake since a baby's head can literally fly right off in a high speed crash)


* while driving, the young mother was pouring a can of Coke into the baby's bottle. Yes, Coke.

Should anything of this be a crime?

We make behaviors "crimes" because we think they are wrong and/or harmful to other, innocent people.

Does anything above thus make these behaviors worthy of being "crimes?"

Before you answer, consider this story from Salon:

Turns out lots of people do this sort of thing. And it's not just because they are uninformed about children's health.

It's also because they are poor and don't have access to quality health care, including routine dental care.

Still think it should be a crime? Or what else can we do about it?

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