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Monday, August 27, 2012

Who covers the war on drugs?

I was going to blog today about the story in New York City where the police shot 9 unarmed people in their effort to shoot and kill one armed man. The New York Times even ran it as a front page story, featuring a version of this shocking photo on their paper's first page:

There is so much here to discuss, touching upon many issues in the book.

But then I got a call today from the Huffington Post, and they are devoting coverage to the Republican National Convention starting tomorrow. One angle they are taking is policies that Republicans are not talking about (the "Shadow Convention" or something like that).

One of those policies is the drug war.

And guess who is being interviewed LIVE (web interview of course) alongside others including Mr. Michael Steele (former RNC Chairman)??? Yep, me!

Wow, live at 12:30pm tomorrow on

So tune in and you'll hear some serious people discussing a serious issue that is NOT being covered by most mainstream media outlets!

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