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Sunday, October 14, 2012

New movie questions war on drugs

... one of its main proponents is actor Brad Pitt.

The documentary claims the war on drugs has cost more than $1 trillion, has accounted for over 45 million arrests since 1971, and that it preys largely on poor and minority communities.
According to Pitt: "I know people are suffering because of it. I know I've lived a very privileged life in comparison and I can't stand for it. ... It's such bad strategy. It makes no sense. It perpetuates itself. You make a bust, you drive up profit, which makes more people want to get into it. To me, there's no question; we have to rethink this policy and we have to rethink it now."
Yeah, you think? My own analysis shows the war to fail to meet its goals (consistently) and to impose fr more costs on society than benefits. So, it is a failing policy.
It's nice that a documentary company is calling attention to it, and that the New York Times is as well.

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