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Thursday, December 5, 2013

THIS is not news ... THIS is ...

But THIS is the lead story on CNN:

No charges against FSU QB

Prosecutor: No reasonable chance of conviction

Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston will not be charged in a case of alleged rape, the state attorney for Lee County, Florida, said.FULL STORY
And THIS is just on a comedy show ...
In this series of clips, comedian Jon Stewart illustrates what happens to corporate criminals, what doesn't happen to them, and explains why. And also shows why it is not news.
Heavy SettleEpisode #19031Corporations pay the nominal price for years of systemic fraud. (03:34)Tags:business, housing, corruption, lawsuits, laws, money, crime, stocks, Wall Street, Banking, masturbation, monkeys!, Jon Stewart
Aired: 12/04/13
Viewed: 7,249
Heavy Settle - Admissions of Non-GuiltEpisode #19031Corporations escape full prosecution for financial fraud by paying back a portion of their ill-gotten gains in legal settlements. (03:29)Tags:business, corruption, lawsuits, laws, money, crime, Banking, No Disrespect impression, health, prison
Aired: 12/04/13
Viewed: 10,061
Full Episode AvailableDecember 04, 2013 - Jehane Noujaim
Blackstone & CodereEpisode #19031Samantha Bee investigates the shady, totally legal business dealings of a private equity firm called Blackstone. (07:00)Tags:Samantha Bee, Banking, money, laws, crime, ethics, wealth, corruption, media, Wall Street, New York Times, print media, Pat Kiernan, appearances, cats & cats, Internet
Aired: 12/04/13
Viewed: 19,712

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