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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Are guests in the news representative of the US population?

Well, no. And that's probably not surprising.

But what might be surprising is how the demographics of news guests breaks down by network and by show.

According to an analysis by Fairness in Accuracy and Reporting (FAIR), there is "a stunning lack of diversity among the guests."

According to FAIR: "Guests were coded by gender, race/ethnicity and occupation, as well as the affiliations of partisan guests-those who are identified with a party as current or former government officials or campaign professionals."

Here are just some of the findings:

Eighty-four percent of guests were white (848). The most and least diverse shows in terms of ethnicity were both on MSNBC: People of color were 27 percent of guests on All In and only 6 percent on Maddow. Just three of Maddow’s guests were people of color; none of these were women.

Male guests widely outnumbered women on every show (730 to 285), making up 72 percent of the guest lists. Just 5 percent (46) of cable news guests were women of color.

Women of color (about 18 percent of the US public) were strikingly underrepresented on most shows ...

Read the rest here.

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