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Monday, July 28, 2014

A look at the leading stories in the news

Israel continues its attacks on Gaza, so you'd assume that'd be the lead story today. Let's see ...

From CNN:


Flares, explosions, gunfire in Gaza

Israel and Palestinians traded blame after a blast at refugee camp that Gaza officials said killed 10. A hospital also was hit. Five Israeli soldiers died Monday. FULL STORY

From Fox News:

WHAT A WASTE: Taxpayer billion$ squandered in Afghan War

From Washington Post:

Court rules Va.’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional

A federal appeals panel in Richmond rules that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed under the Constitution.

From New York Times:

Europe and U.S. to Sharply Escalate Russia Sanctions

A package targeting Russia’s financial, energy and defense sector was driven by the conclusion that Moscow has taken a more direct role in Ukraine.

So, yes, there are other events in the nation and world that are top stories in major news outlets.

It is interesting that only one of these stories is about crime or criminal justice, too.

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