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Thursday, August 31, 2017

In the news today

Among the leading stories in the news today from mainstream, inner-ring or upper-tier media outlets, are these nuggets:

Kidnapped 7-year-old thrown from bridge 

NBA bust facing 15 years in prison for major gun charges

Georgia cop at DUI stop: 'We only kill black people'

Knife-wielding man in Stockholm stabs police officer in neck, officials say 

Corpus Christi police: Gunshot victim wasn't burglar

Why are these stories "top news" stories? How many of them are things you really NEED to know? Why do they appeal to the news organizations?


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  2. These are the stories that the news media knows will sell because they are violent and bizarre. More importantly these things are easy and cheap for the media to report on because they rely on police officials to feed them the information that they are looking for. We as the general public do not need to know any of these things because they do not really effect us and are so rare to begin with that they aren't even worth mentioning as a concern.

  3. These stories made the news because they are all different but all have one thing in common. There is violence in all of them except the cop uploading pornography. the NBA story is one that puts a bad face on the NBA. The "Cop saying We only kill black people" promotes violence and racism in policing today, and the 7 year-old story shows and innocent victim.

    The violence is what brings all of the stories together. whether it be someone in the NBA or a child being thrown from a bridge it catches the viewer's eye.