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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Why is THIS news?

Among the top stories in the news today is this headline from CNN:

Son of Alabama assistant coach shot and killed

Why is this shooting news when other gun murders happened dozens of times over the weekend?

It could be because Alabama is the number 1 team in the nation? And because their first game this year was the most watched opening game ever? That is CNN's story just below the one about the shooting.

Then, there is this story about a police officer during a DUI stop telling a white woman, "Remember, we only kill black people."

Meanwhile, over at Fox News, one of the lead stories is this one:

Report: News photographer shot by cop at traffic stop

And this!

Man tied to $500M heist faces jail in separate case

Here the news show they don't know the difference between prison and jail! Wow!

So, why are these stories NEWS?


  1. These are NEWS because again like most stories that they report on are violent in nature and are cheap to report on. The for-profit media does not care if these stories are information that every person needs to have rather its the things that people click on and read because they find it interesting. to put it simply this is news because its making these corporations money with very little cost.

  2. These stories are news because they're sensational. The Alabama coach was a prominent person, and the way in which his son was killed was pretty violent. It's evident that the story was influenced by Alabama's popularity since you mentioned the story about football was linked to it.

    CNN, being a more liberal-leaning publication, would more likely carry the story about the officer saying "we only kill black people" because it is more likely to attract views among CNN's audience. Fox News framed the other shooting story in a way that reduces the blame you would associate with the officer. The victim being a news photographer is more likely to increase support for the officer given the attacks on the press by the president, and the low favorability ratings of journalists among Republicans/conservatives

  3. Focusing on the Alabama coach's son being shot. I feel this made the news because it is tied o something famous. granted it was a horrific tragedy, but if it were to happen to an african american child in say Chicago, would it have made the news. No, it happens almost everyday in Chicago. This shooting ties to a nationally known football program and has the potential to hurt the teams performance due to the absence of a coach for a period of time. It is violent and had a weak/innocent victim making it newsworthy.

  4. These all have to focus on violence. In the Alabama story Its very tragic to loss a son, but the reason they covered this in the news is because the media like violence and focusing on street crime.

  5. These are news because they are all exciting. Someone will read the headline and think "huh, interesting". This generates clicks and in turn, ad revenue. Why I personally need to know about someone being arrested in Connecticut is beyond me but the story is still interesting.