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Monday, May 23, 2011

Crime is STILL down

The good news is street crime is down.

The bad news is no one really knows why, not even criminologists. Well, some think they know.

With a horrific economy criminologists expect crime to increase. Yet, it has not.

From the article, referring to national crime stats:

"... murder declined 4.4 percent, while forcible rape dropped 4.2 percent, robbery 9.5 percent and aggravated assault 3.6 percent — all when compared with 2009 crime figures.

... Regarding property crime, motor vehicle theft was down 7.2 percent, larceny-theft was down 2.8 percent, and burglary was down 1.1 percent. Arson, tracked separately from other property crimes, fell 8.3 percent nationally."

More bad news is this: Every time the news media focus on street crime, we are diverted away from the worst crimes in the country -- corporate and white-collar crimes (which cost more money and kill & injure more Americans every year than street crime).

But hey, at least crimes like murder and rape are down, right?

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  1. Matt-your thoughts about this blog entry seen on Huffington Post? (I'm tossing you a softball underhand pitch here...)