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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Did you hear about the guy on the plane ...?

... who tried to open an emergency door?

And what about the other guy who also tried to open a door recently on a different plane?

Or the guy who tried to enter the cockpit of a plane recently?

None of these events are connected. It is not a broad plot to bring down airliners again. It is just a random cluster of events that happened to occur near the same time, even though on different airlines and in different cities. Most of these people were probably either deranged or just confused (maybe they thought they could get some fresh air?). Heck, the guy who tried to enter the cockpit may have just wanted to complain to the pilots about the lack of legroom!

Nevertheless, each time a new event occurs, the mainstream press connects it to all the others, fully reporting yet again on each and every event as if they are part of some pattern.

This is linkage, discussed in the book.

Airline travel is incredibly safe. Security is still terrible, no doubt (people have recently smuggled in bombs in their underwear!).

Luckily for us, these "terrorists" are mostly incompetent and we passengers are vigilant enough to be ready to intervene when needed.

The media, meanwhile, just continue to promote fear even when not warranted, because it sells.

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