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Friday, March 9, 2012

NYPD tracking Americans because they are MUSLIM

  1. NYPD Monitored Muslim Students All Over Northeast : NPR › NewsUS
    Feb 19, 2012 – The AP first reported in October that the NYPD had placed informants or undercover officers in the Muslim Student Associations at City College, ...
  2. NYPD Spies On Muslims, Stirs National Outcry : NPR › NewsUSAround the Nation
    Mar 1, 2012 – They report that the NYPD trawled websites and planted informants in chapters of the Muslim Students Association. The NYPD says all their ...
  3. NYPD Surveillance Of Students Called 'Disgusting' : NPR › NewsUS
    Feb 26, 2012 – Documents obtained by the AP show that the NYPD used undercover officers and informants to infiltrate Muslim student groups. An officer even ...
  4. With Cameras, Informants, NYPD Eyed Mosques : NPR › NewsUS
    Feb 23, 2012 – With cameras, informants, NYPD eyed mosques. ... criticized the department for infiltrating Muslim student groups and trawling their websites.
    They're not even trying to link it to crime or terrorism anymore. Hence the term "ethnic mapping."
    That's right, they're using crime mapping software to identify and track Muslims, based on nothing more than their faith (which is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution).
    At least NPR is on it.  
    1. Ethnic Mapping: Prophylactic Or Offensive? : NPR › NewsUSAround the Nation
      21 hours ago – We're talking about the recent reports that the New York police were mapping and doing surveillance on Muslim communities. An Associated ...
    2. NYPD Docs: 'Focus' Scrutiny On Muslim Americans : NPR › NewsUS
      8 hours ago – NYPD docs: 'Focus' scrutiny on Muslim Americans. ... NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Police Department kept secret files on businesses ... composition but police only photographed and mapped mosques for the report.
    3. Blog Of The Nation : NPR
      19 hours ago – The surveillance has caused a rift between police and some Muslims who welcome ethnic mapping as a useful approach to preventing ...
    4. Muslims At Rally: NYPD Surveillance Keeps Us Safe : NPR › NewsUS
      3 days ago – "Anyone who intimates that it is unlawful for the police department to search online, visit public places or map neighborhoods has either not ...

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  1. If people turned the tables and considered the idea of being a Muslim as the norm while being a Christian was considered radical, they may understand how ridiculous it is to single out this group of people. Yes there are individual Muslims who take a very radical approach to certain things, but are there not also Christians and other religious people that do so as well? It's not just to profile a particular group based on the radicals that stand out the most. That would be like calling all teenagers emotionally unstable wrecks that are on the verge of shooting up any public establishment after seeing that happen in the news. If people realized that the most unusual and rare things are portrayed as usual and common in the media, they would realize that it is unjust to consider every Muslim a threat.