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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Evidence slowly being leaked out in Trayvon Martin case

From CNN:

Surveillance video shows George Zimmerman arriving at the Sanford Police Department in handcuffs the night of the shooting. WATCH | OUTCRY | PUBLIC RECORDS

  • Answers few in Trayvon Martin case

  • Trayvon Martin: What witnesses say

  • Open Story: Trayvon rallies, opinions

  • And my favorite:

    It turns out you cannot wear a hat on the floor of Congress!

    And over at Fox News? Just this ...

    'Hoodie' protest gets rep booted from House
    - Palin: Obama should've kept quiet on Trayvon case

    (Palin is a paid Fox News consultant, thus her opinion is featured there).
    It is looking more and more like this is a standard manslaughter case, not self-defense. For example, in the video above, where is the bloody nose and cuts on the shooter that were supposedly present the night of the killing?

    But I do wish the media would wait for criminal justice officials to make this determination (and that those officials would do this a bit more quickly). 


    1. I was shocked to see this video with George Zimmerman appearing unharmed (or at least significantly less harmed than was being claimed by his lawyer). This video speaks to two things: first, that Zimmerman's story doesn't quite add up and should have been investigated more thoroughly. Second, that media should not try to solve crime. While I appreciate that the media are trying to draw attention to a case that police neglected to investigate thoroughly, it is not and should not be their place to present evidence to the public for the public to pass judgment on the alleged offender. The media does not have all of the information (as evidenced by two days ago it repeating stories of Zimmerman having a broken nose and a bloodied back of his head) and in presenting only part of the information it biases viewers and convicts people in the court of public opinion before they have a fair trial.

    2. My question is this: where is the shock? Where is the outrage? Where are the demands for reform? Besides Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson going down to Florida and holding hands with the locals, there has been nothing from this country that could be interpreted as systematic disgust. Quite the contrary! We have an armada of individuals looking to discredit Trayvon (not like he is dead or anything) and calling on young blacks everywhere to NOT wear hoodies, as it might get them shot? While we're at it, why don't we put out a public service announcement warning all blacks that being on a boat coming into Charleston harbor will put them at risk of being forced into bondage!
      As a matter of fact, the only only news organizations with major coverage of this case is MSNBC, with two front page stories, and CNN, with a total of SEVEN front page stories! Fox news doesn't even register - they have one story, and it's buried under all of the rest of their pointless reporting. Interestingly, these two news corporations, CNN and MSNBC, AREN'T relying solely on official sources anymore. They are starting to branch out and embrace the opinions of lawyers, doctors, witnesses who say they were there, while simultaneously playing tapes from a police station that show Zimmerman the night of the shooting being led into a police station with handcuffs and no physical damage to his body. Yet despite this damning evidence pointing to Zimmerman lying (and possibly witness tampering as well) about the events that played out with Trayvon, viewers and Fox News alike are perfectly content to continue their smear campaign - or just ignore the case all together. One thing is for sure, it is going to take a lot more than one representative wearing a hoodie on the floor of the House to bring the necessary attention and proper disgust that this warrants.