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Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Trayvon Martin case exposes worst in media"

That is the title of a Yahoo News article today.
"The Trayvon Martin case has exposed some of the media's worst tendencies--selective editing, rushing to judgment, stoking anger for ratings and page views--and it's taken more than fake photos, the incendiary stumbles of Geraldo Rivera and Spike Lee and verbal clashes between Piers Morgan and Toure to shine a light on them."

And the author goes on to provide only three examples of it.

But of course these is so much more!

1 comment:

  1. I find it interesting that Yahoo has decided to call out the issues with reporting by other media. Should we call them the "watch dog" of the media we've always hoped for, or should we question why this particular story was chosen to expose these poor "tendencies" of the media when there are countless other examples to choose from? Perhaps Yahoo has an ulterior motive in the grand scheme of things... However, to avoid any further conspiracy, it is nice to note that Yahoo was willing to point out these issues. When the media shape stories and jump to conclusions, the public end up becoming misinformed. This can cause all sorts of problems such as misconstrued opinions and a warped notion of the truth. At least there is some effort out there to keep other media outlets in check.