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Thursday, April 12, 2012

One network, two corrections stories

Talk about unusual...a single news network has two stories about corrections on the same day:

  • Charles Manson denied parole

  • Connecticut to repeal death penalty

  • As you can tell, neither of these things happens every day. Perhaps that is why they are in the news!

    Oh yeah, and then there is this...he is in jail so I guess that counts as three!

    Affidavit Says Zimmerman 'Confronted' Unarmed Teen

    Court documents in murder case allege Trayvon Martin shooter 'profiled' the Florida teen, killed him

    1 comment:

    1. It is rare to see three stories about corrections on one news network. However, seeing that these stories relate to controversial topics and celebrity stories, I can understand why they have been publicized. It is important to recognize that the media only puts a story out if they believe that there is profit in it, especially in corrections stories because they usually arn't seen as exciting. We talked in class about corrections, and how it receives the least in funds and media compared to police and courts. The Trayvon case is very popular right now, Manson is a famous celebrity, and the death penalty is always controversial. This explains, why the media have put these stories out. However, it is comforting to see that corrections is not being ignored completely because it is a vital part of the CJ system.