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Monday, April 16, 2012

We are going "self-defense" crazy

First there was the case of George Zimmerman shooting and killing Trayvon Martin in cold blood.

And you can thank her for that ...

One of the chief architects of Florida's controversial law is a petite granny gone gray. No matter what their position is on guns, Florida lawmakers respect Marion Hammer. FULL STORY | FLORIDA TASK FORCE REVIEWS THE LAW  FLORIDA TASK FORCE REVIEWS THE LAW

Second, there is this!

The man accused in the deaths of 77 people in a bomb and gun rampage in Norway last summer admitted the killings as his trial began Monday. "I was doing it in self-defense," Anders Behring Breivik said. FULL STORY

There is even a case near Boone of one man killing another with a knife (both were stabbed). The man who is alive, a rental tenant, claims self-defense against his landlord.

People, is your life really that important in the big scheme of things?

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  1. What a complete joke, this is exactly what is wrong with our political system. Apparently, Marion Hammer is an active friend of many members in the Florida legislature (I wonder how that happened); oh, and by the way, she's a former NRA president and writes legislation advocating less gun regulation and more gun use! Now I'm certainly not naive, this kind of thing happens all of the time, but to have it posted in an article on CNN, while not even being questioned as suspect, is beyond me. It's as if corruption has become so acceptable to our daily lives that to criticize it would be going against the interests of society. Someone, just once, please define what a conflict of interest is. Lawmakers are supposed to work on behalf of the people, not special interests who have the deepest pockets (I need no reminders of Citizens United).
    As for Anders Breivik, I feel that to even have this in the news is an insult to the memory of the victims. It obviously has no grounds in the legal system, and if it did, that means I could go around shooting anyone I pleased because of the imminent threat they posed to me by exhaling carbon dioxide and contributing to the greenhouse gas effect, which would eventually make me die from effects relating to climate change. Hell, by that logic, I should commit suicide due the the imminent threat I pose to myself. Perfect, sound reasoning. As far as I can tell, the media is only reporting on this because it gets them a few more viewers. The only story I'm interested on reading about this guy is the nice time he's having rotting in a prison cell.In the mean time, I'll go read more about Secret Service agents renting out prostitutes and a scientific breakthrough involving a hologram of Tupac (no joke, it's on their front page).