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Friday, April 20, 2012

Top movies now and ever ...

Just as with TV shows, the top rated movies deal MOSTLY with issues of crime and criminal justice.

Look at the top 10 movies of all time as rated by users at

And then there are the top 10 currently playing films as rated by

And then there are box office results which you can examine for any time period.

What do MOST of these movies have in common?

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  1. Just like the TV shows posted on the 18th, the vast majority of the top movies involve some sort of crime, violence, or criminal justice. As we've discussed in class, the media will present to the public what is tried and true. If something sells in the past, it's logical that it will sell in the future. Due to this theme, crime and violence have always been appealing to the public. Some say that the public demand what is given to them, while others say their choices are limited to the small amount that is actually presented to them. Regardless of who influences the other more, there is a relationship between the media and society found in what will keep these two together. Crime and violence has been the bond for ages and will continue to be so as long as it works...from the looks of things, it will be sticking around for a while.