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Monday, May 7, 2012

Anyone see a problem with this "picture?"

US thinks underwear bomb was built by Al Qaeda in Yemen

Los Angeles Times -
WASHINGTON -- The FBI is analyzing a sophisticated underwear bomb that US officials believe was built by Al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen in an effort to target Western aviation.
Officials: More Al Qaeda Bombs Unaccounted For
Apparent airline bomb plot thwarted-US officials
The top story of the day is of a plot by al-Qaeda to blow up a plane. And whose picture is on the front of every news cite in the country?
So we are supposed to remain afraid of him even after he has been dead for a year!


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  1. I do find it kind of ridiculous that his image is still being used as a source of fear, but I can understand why the media does it. For one, since the media uses narratives to describe people, there has to be an innately evil criminal, right? Also, these narratives are used as a source of familiarity. It's easier for people to connect al-Qaeda with the image of Osama than with other figures in the organization. However, I feel like the continued use of his image may produce a stronger resentment against him, but for what purpose?