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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Is religion about love or exclusion and aggression?

Should a religious or moral issue be used as a weapon?

Is that God's message?

Rick Santorum, who bowed out of the GOP presidential race, urges Mitt Romney "to step up and take advantage of a president who is very much out of touch with the values of America." FULL STORY

And is this hyopcrisy? (IMHO, the answer is yes).

Some people wonder if the black church will punish President Obama for announcing support for same-sex marriage. Here's another question: Why would the black church cite scripture to exclude gays when a similar approach to the Bible was used to enslave their ancestors?
Meanwhile, over at Fox ...
  • Likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney set to give commencement address at Liberty University, an evangelical school, and will steer clear of gay marriage fight, but talk about the role family played in his life.

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