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Friday, September 21, 2012

Even with all this important stuff going on ...

... this is still news:

Deadly new drug favored by teens: Smiles (Thinkstock)

Scary new drug favored by teens: 'Smiles'

After two teens die within 24 hours, experts are warning about the powerful hallucinogenic. Its frightening effects  

An explosive nearly went off in an Iranian soccer player's hand during a match. (YouTube)

Player tosses away debris, then it explodes

As the soccer field is being cleared following an outburst by fans, a scary moment unfolds. Watch the close call  

Britney Spears's on-air freak out ("X Factor")

Britney Spears's on-air freak out

The singer panics when a thunder storm interrupts auditions on the "X Factor." Her profanity-laced tirade  

So that is what is important. Drugs, violence, and celebrity nonsense.

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