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Monday, September 24, 2012

Yahoo News goes politics crazy ...

Their top stories today include:

The first story has literally no meaning and thus I don't know why it is even news. The second story shows part of the massive effort by one political party to stop people from voting, at any cost.

And more ...
 Make up your own mind on those stories.

And of course crime and violence and random, scary things are all over the news too:

Cleve Foster speaks from a visiting cage at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Polunsky Unit outside Livingston, Texas. (AP)

Texas inmate's 'spooky' death row story

Cleve Foster came within minutes of being executed only to be told he was given a reprieve. Third trip coming  

New England coach Bill Belichick crosses the line with a post-game move. (Getty Images)

NFL coach's huge no-no following loss

Bill Belichick is in hot water for what he did to a referee after a controversial last-second call. Big fine likely 

New SARS-like virus prompts urgent alert (CDC via Getty Images)

New SARS-like virus sparks concern

A man infected with a strain of virus never seen before has health officials scrambling for answers. 'A lot of holes'  

Diver attacked in dramatic underwater clash. (

Diver attacked in dramatic underwater clash

A spear fisherman has dinner in the bag until he comes face-to-face with a huge grouper. Watch the struggle


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