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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More on bias in the news

Talking heads in the news can be principled in their criticism of or disagreement with a policy of a leader. In this case, they would be critical of or disagree with that policy no matter who the leader was, regardless of his or her political party.

OR, they can be critical of it and disagree with it only when it is pursued by someone they don't like or want to be in power. In that case, their disagreement would not be principled but instead would be partisan.

And we expect the talking heads in the news to be nonpartisan. So when we see clear evidence of them being partisan--in this case, when people say one thing during one Presidential adminstration and then contradict themselves during another Presidential adminstration--we should be shocked.

But we're not. At least when it occurs on Fox News.

Because Fox News is not news. It is partisanship in favor of one party at all times. Maybe you should tell that to your doctor, or dentist, or any other business in a public place that is broadcasting this nonsense.

And why do we have to rely on a comedian to show this to us?,b=facebook

Now, for those of you who do not buy it, look up who owns the network, who runs it, and to whom they give their money. Then come back and tell me how they are "fair and balanced." They report, you decide. Right.

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