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Monday, June 10, 2013

Today's top stories

Check out the top stories today from

Count them up. the first section contains stories under a headline called, "The Latest."
There are 11 of them.

How many deal with crime or disaster? 8 of them.

Then 2 deal with Simon Cowell being egged on a TV show. Yeah, that is important news right there. (and technically a crime, raising the total to 10 of 11 stories dealing with crime or disaster).

Then, under a section titled, "More Top Stories," there are these stories:
That's 13 more stories. How many deal with crime or disaster? 6.
And then there are your sports stories as well as stories I'd call straight up silly. Somehoe vido game consoles through time is a top story.
And what is CNN's top story today?

Is man behind the NSA leak a crook or good guy?

Edward Snowden admits he's behind of one of the biggest leaks in U.S. history. He exposed a top-secret program that collects phone and Internet data. FULL STORY
Yep, it's a crime story. 

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