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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wall Street considering marijuana legalization

From Truthout:

In a sign that business interests may trump Washington DC's obsession with marijuana prosecutions, a former Microsoft executive, Jamen Shively, is putting together a company to create the first national pot brand.
And Wall Street is interested.
So too are most Americans.
So you think this might be news everywhere ... but not yet.
Here is an article on BuzzFlash:
If you Google "marijuana legalization" these are the first links that come up today:
  1. ThinkProgress
  1. Gothamist ‎- 23 hours ago
    A new, damning report by the American Civil Liberties Union (PDF) illustrates how costly, ineffective, and racist the policing and criminalization ...
  1. Marijuana Legalization | The White House
Compare and contrast the last one from the White House with what others think and you see the problem.

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