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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What if al-Qaeda was poisoning our drinking water?

Wouldn't that be news? Like the top story in all news organizations?

So why is it not more newsworthy that private, for profit companies are doing it, especially when it is being done intentionally?

The recent "spill" of chemical into a West Virginia waterway--incredibly, just UPSTREAM from a water treatment plant that serves hundreds of thousands of people!--made news.

But the fact that companies do this stuff regularly, on purpose, is not newsworthy, as illustrated in this Business Insider report;

Read the words of a former Massey Energy company employee, a man who was part of the intentional pollution of the Earth for profit, working for a company that killed many people on many occasions.

The truth is there is news about it but it is not front page news anywhere, and that has meaning.

And as usual, it takes a comedian to speak the truth.

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  1. Each of the last three posts are incredibly important.
    Title of this one, in particular, is hot fire, and probably a fair question.