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Thursday, May 22, 2014

What do you get when you cross Newt Gingrich, Van Jones, and CNN?

... a pretty good article, actually. The article titled, Prison system is failing America, starts:

"If Americans under correctional supervision counted as a city of their own, they would form the largest city in the United States after New York.
"The number of people in prison, on parole or on probation, 6.9 million Americans, exceeds the populations of the second- and third-largest cities, Los Angeles and Chicago, combined. Or the size of the next four -- Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix and San Antonio -- put together."
It then goes on to cover the racial biases in prisons, the high recidivism rate for offenders, the high cost to taxpayers, and more importantly, policies and programs ew can pursue to bring about real change.
Check it out.

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