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Monday, November 28, 2011

Shoppers gone WILD

Twenty people, including children, were injured when a woman at a San Fernando Valley Walmart store used mace against other customers in what authorities referred to as a "competitive shopping" incident.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a scuffle broke out shortly before 10 p.m. Thursday night, just before shopping was to begin, among customers waiting to buy Xbox gaming consoles and Wii video games.

Just more proof that so many people have lost their way, right? So THIS is what Christmas is about? So THIS is what the day after Thanksgiving is about? So THIS is what people value, give thanks for, and teach their kids to value and give thanks for?

Competitive shopping for video games?

Guess so.

See? When told later of what happened, Nakeasha Contreras, who arrived at midnight, said she wouldn't have been bothered: "I don't care. I'm still getting my TV," she told the Times. "I've never seen Wal-Mart so crazy, but I guess it could have been worse."

Still getting her TV? Could have been worse? Wow!

And then there is this! Joseph Poulose was hit with the pepper spray near the DVD and video games display. He blamed Wamart for failing in crowd control: "There were way too many people in a building that size. Every aisle was full," he told the Times.

Wal Mart is to blame because there were TOO MANY PEOPLE IN A BUILDING THAT SIZE?

Wow. Just wow.

YAY! We're first in line to get our cheap plastic crap made in China!

Oh, and there is one more thing to this story, of course: LINKAGE.

Examples from CNN:

* Black Friday shopping was marked by violence in at least seven states, including California.

* In 2008, crowds of frantic Black Friday shoppers trampled a Walmart employee in New York as he and other workers tried to unlock the door at 5 a.m.


  1. The elite are controlling the desparate poor. It is a form of social control. Yes, people are swallowing it hook, line, and sinker. They are at fault for their greed, but could it be that the upper class is using it to control the poor. It gives them ammunition to point to these crazy shoppers and claim superiority. If we had a more socially just society, this would not happen at all.

  2. One thing that I noticed and maybe some others have too is the way these shoppers camped out at all these stores prior to black Friday. They all had their tents set up, which did not bring out the police to spray them in the face as did the occupy wallstreet ordeals have. It seems that it is ok to camp out near the elite if the sole purpose is to give the elite money, but if the elite are being targeted then the protesters get physically trampled and sprayed with rubber bullets and mace. Something to think about!