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Friday, November 11, 2011

What is the top story in the news?

Depends on where you get your news.

Check out CNN:

The mother of one of the alleged sex abuse victims in the Penn State scandal says she wants the perpetrator "to be put away for a long time." FULL STORY

Now over at Fox the top two stories are outright criticisms of the Obama Adminstration.

Panetta: Cuts Would Invite Aggression

Parents of Slain Border Agent Lash Out at Holder

Parents of agent killed by gun tied to 'Furious' call attorney general, ATF 'liars' over handling of failed operation


Is it a coincidence that the most conservative, pro-Republican news organization uses it newscasts and website to constantly attack the Democratic president?

Don't get me wrong, I think the news SHOULD critically cover the powerful, as is argued in the book. the problem is when that criticism is not productive but just political to serve a given ideology.


  1. If Paterno and the others failed to report the sexual assault of a minor, then they need to be fired. We have statutes against that here in North Carolina.

    The riots basically tell me that the students at Penn State condone child molesters in the name of football. It's insane.

  2. I was out there with the Nogales Border Patrol about a month after Agent Brian Terry was killed. Part of the blame needs to rest on the ones who sent them out there that night with less-than-lethal weapons knowing that the bandits carried assault rifles. They basically went to a rifle fight with handguns.

    My insider information also leads me to believe that the top brass at the BATFE condoned the whole program. My understanding is that two upstanding agents requested removal from the case, because it was a bad move.