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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

About that claim that the police maintain current power structures in society

A New York judge issued an order today allowing newly evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters to return to Zuccotti Park. FULL STORY | PHOTOS | PROTESTS ROUNDUP | OPEN STORY | OPINION: OCCUPY JUST GETTING STARTED
Chapel Hill police sent a heavily armed swat team to evict and arrest a group of some 80 Occupy Chapel Hill protesters who'd taken over a long vacant used car dealership (they also arrested members of the press covering the action).

Clean Sweep of 'Occupy' Squatters

So, recall that argument by some scholars in the book that the police have historically been used to maintain the status quo in society? And that the media generally fail to report on it.

Well, it's happening now! And it is in the news!


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