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Friday, December 28, 2012

OK, OK, now I am done defending officers

I saw this story in the Orlando Sentinel.

As an educator who teaches students who become mostly cops and lawyers, I am now hoping more will turn to law school than to the academy.

Because I am done defending police officers after this. This story shows just how corrupt the practice can be, and how widespread the abuse of power actually is.

So much for the "LAW ENFORCEMENT CODE OF CONDUCT." (google it)

Read this account and try to notice how many officers must be in on this in order for things like this to occur.

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  1. Oh Dr. Robinson... While I can certainly understand your frustration, for you to say you are now done defending police officers, is very disheartening. There are over 36,000 police officers in the state of Florida alone. Of the 88 that searched her name, I am fairly certain that most of them were nothing more than a nosey violation of policy which should be dealt with accordingly. However, the rare few that did so with maliscious intent should be terminated imediately, and quite possibly, have criminal charges filed against them. Their idiotic behavor is an embarrassment to this profession. And although I am not in this woman's shoes, my gut is telling me that her "case" has been exaggerated, quite possibly by her lawyers looking for a payday. I'm not saying it's completely unfounded; just exaggerated. As for the Law Enforcement Code of Conduct, I believe you may be referring to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. If so, I keep a copy pinned to the roof of my patrol car, above my visor, and read it before every single shift (literally). I live and breath my code, and am proud of the job I do every day. Granted, there are a few jerks out there that should never have been given a uniform, let alone a gun and a badge, but most officers are good, Dr. Robinson. Please don't give up on those of us that are...