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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why does HOW YOU DIE matter to the media?

We see this phenomenon in the news media regularly.

They feature information about innocent people when they die.

Like 9/11, when the New York Times ran a feature on every single known victim.

And whenever there is a senseless tragedy involving violent death at the hands of a "deranged gunman."

Like this:

Why are these victims worthy of national attention  yet so many others are not?

Say the 20,000 that die from defective products.
Or the 50,000 that die from second-hand smoke.
Or the 55,000 that die from hazardous working conditions.

By focusing on some victims but not others, the media determines what we see as "victimization" and what we do not, what we worry about and fear, and what we do not. This helps explain why Americans are so unaware and unconcerned with corporate crime, which is actually far more dangerous than street crime.

And of course they are already trying to figure out his motive. Like there was one.

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