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Monday, October 7, 2013

How are the media covering the government shutdown?

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Poll: All sides take a hit in shutdown

A majority of Americans say the government shutdown is causing a crisis or major problems, a new CNN/ORC Poll shows. FULL STORY


Slimdown exposing 'bloated' gov't?

USA Today:

What are furloughed workers doing?

Furloughed federal worker Lisa Jenkins works on a home in Front Royal, Va., with her husband, Scott.

More people blame GOP for shutdown
 New York Times:

Default Threat Makes Impasse in Washington a Global Risk

Five years after a financial crisis in the United States helped spread a deep global recession, much of the world again fears it could be collateral damage.

Obama Challenges Boehner on Vote

President Obama said Speaker John A. Boehner should hold a vote in the House on a measure to finance the government. 

Washington Post:

Congress represents plenty of you, none of us. (AFP/Getty)

Blame America, not Washington

COLUMN | You sent these lawmakers here, voters. That imported brand of cuckoo is what’s causing this shutdown.

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