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Friday, November 15, 2013

"Liberal bias" in the news

In the book I address the issue of liberal bias in the news.

As pointed out by scholars, news organizations--in fear of being labeled "liberal"--often make mistakes that are aimed at convinving their viewers and readers that they are not liberal. One result is an effort to either tell "both sides of the story" (even when one side has way more evidence that it is correct on a particular issue). Another is an actual effort to be conservative in story telling.

Both lead to a conservatice biases in reporting. This does not mean pro-Republican but instead pro-status quo. And in some cases, it is anti-liberal, as in anti-Democrat.

Here is a great example by Media Matters.

The story, "Is There A Bigger Problem At CBS News?" examines CBS's coverage of Obamacare, disability government payments, and the Banghazi terrorist attack. CBS has been busted for its unfair coverage of stories pertaining to President Obama when it comes to these three issues.

Read it and tell me how you think the media, especially CBS, are liberally biased.

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