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Monday, November 4, 2013

Quick, what is the most important news story right now?


Compare what you think with these sources.


Thousands protest at former U.S. embassy in Iran



Nonprofits, politics and the money trail

In California, new revelations detail how operatives helped move $15 million into ballot-initiative campaigns while trying to avoid naming financial backers.

'Tied up like a fish'

Michelle Knight: I was hung by feet, hands, neck

Six months after she was freed from the "house of horrors" where Ariel Castro held her captive for 11 years, Cleveland kidnapping victim Michelle Knight speaks out to Dr. Phil on "AC 360." FULL STORY


IT MIGHT BE AN OFF-YEAR for Election Day Tuesday, but union money is reaching deep into key state, city and local contests — including $2 million into the Virginia governor's race — trying to influence the makeup of state houses, city halls and school boards across America.

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