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Friday, November 22, 2013

Yes, this is a criminal justice story

Today I was forced to watch or at least listen to (well, to hear) the beginning of a Fox News show as I sat in the lobby of my doctor's office while I tried desparately to read over the loud volume of the three talking heads on the show.

The show was "Fox & Friends" and featured three shrill hosts babbling over and over about the action of the Senate yesterday to use the "nuclear option" thereby only requiring 51 votes to move forward on voting on judicial nominees of the president rather than the standard 60 votes.

The three hosts spent about 30 minutes talking about how this vote had nothing to do with judicial nominees or democracy but instead was just an effort to divert the attention of the nation away from what has been and should be the lead story in the news--the many problems of Obamacare.

That's right, they suggested that the reason the Senate took this action was only to change the lead story in the news!

They did not even mention the stated rationale by those who forced the change: Frustration over the inability to even get a vote on three nominees; the record level of obfuscation by the Senate to block Obama's judicial nominees.

I was stunned. I mean, this is the network whose slogans include "Fair and Balanced" and "We Report: You Decide."

So, instead of even saying something like, "one side says this and the other says that" (fair and balanced) so that you can decide on their reporting, they instead made the ridiculous argument that this had to do only with diverting the attention of the public away from Obamacare.

And you wonder why people who watch this network are the least informed people in the country according to studies?

Here is what remains on the Fox News website about the story:

Legislative agenda may be victim of Reid, Obama win


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