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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stories also NOT in the news today

Yes, there is a missing airplane. And, as I suspected from day one (because I studied the 9/11 attacks and thus know much of what we knew prior to that attack with airplanes), it is looking more and more like the plane did not crash but instead was hijacked and possibly even landed safely. I seriously suspect that, eventually, evidence will surface that we also saw this coming too.

But alas, there are other, far more important stories that should be news today but largely are not. Here are some frightening examples from the independent news source, Truthout.

Luckily, it's noting serious: just global climate change; environmental disasters all over the US; a high risk of a nuclear disaster in the US; hazardous working conditions; stunning NSA spying; police brutality; rising income inequality; reckless spending on "defense."

Why do the mainstream media largely ignore such stories?

Abrupt Climate Change: No Bioperturbation

Abrupt Climate Change: No Bioperturbation

By Bruce Melton, Truthout | News Analysis 

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