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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Take at look at this year's Oscar winners

How many of these winning films (and nominated films) deal with issues of crime and criminal justice?

Clearly, the winner of the Best Picture category, 12 Years a Slave is all about violence and focuses on one of the greatest "crimes" in world history (even though slavery was technically not illegal).
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I have not seen these films but I see one about crime: American Hustle
another about piracy: Captain Phillips
another about an illicit drug trade: Dallas Buyers Club
and yet another about widespread fraud on Wall Street (we celebrate this stuff? This is entertainment?): The Wolf of Wall Street

So it appears that crime and violence are still the tried and true ways to get recognition in the film industry! 

I guess no one cares about all these studies showing violence in film impacts violence in the real world?

Or maybe ... just maybe ...

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