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Monday, August 4, 2014

Well here is an interesting take on Israel-Gaza

Right here read about the claim that the media are obsessing about Gaza while "Ignoring Syria (and Most Everything Else)."

This blog has focused on the Gaza a bit in the past week (and rightfully so), but the media have ignored other important stories, even in the same region.

The authors writes, for example: "I was struck, over the weekend, by the lack of coverage of the Syrian civil war, in which the death count recently passed 170,000. By Sunday night, it had become clear that the weekend in toll in Syria would stand at roughly 700 dead—a larger number, obviously, than the weekend toll in Gaza (and more than the total number of deaths in this latest iteration of the Gaza war to date.)"

Turns out there are in fact bigger stories, even bigger related stories. But as the media pick and choose which to cover and which to ignore, our awareness of the issues is either higher of lower as a result.

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