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Monday, May 13, 2013

About those Boston attacks

Surely you remember the attacks at the Boston marathon. Nothing more needs to be said about that day.

But what about after? No Miranda rights for the American suspect. A lockdown of the city. etc. Were these measures necessary?

You'll see little to no discussion of such issues in the US mainstream media. But in the independent media, you will. Including America's inability to understand what motivated these two young men ...

Here is an example:

One excerpt from the story hints at the criticial nature of the author's focus:

"Neither Islam nor ethnic heritage is the explanation for what led the Tsarnaevs to do what they did. They spent formative years in Boston, being educated there and, seemingly, knowing life there better than anywhere else. It is through our communities that we are connected to these events, and it is in those communities that we should begin our search for explanations."

Remember Timothy McVeigh? White guy. Eric Robert Rudolph? White guy. Alleged mailer of Ricin? White guy. And what about all those school shooters and mass killers? White guys. And none of them Muslims, by the way.

So there are not stories in the media about their race and ethnicity and religion and their role in the attacks. So why with the Boston bombers?

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