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Friday, May 31, 2013

"It makes me feel sad"

That is what a 14 year old black kid said after he was tackled by the police after supposedly giving them a bad look.

But it should make him (and you) feel outraged.

The logical outcome of the law defining some acts as crimes (i.e., street crimes) while ignoring others (i.e., white collar and corporate crimes) and the media focusing on some people (i.e., people of color) while ignoring others (i.e., whites) is that we, as a nation, see crime as a black thing, even though in reality it is white people who do the vast majority of damage to us.

There is a ton of research on this by the way. Just Google "Travis Dixon" and "race" and "crime" ...

This king of thing--a 14 year old black kid holding his puppy getting tackled by the police--can only happen in a society whose institutions (i.e., the law and the media) have defined blackness as criminal.

Think about it:

1) Who makes the law? White, old, rich men (WORMs).

2) Who owns the media? White, old, rich men (WORMs).

Who is seen as dangerous? Poor, young men of color.

And who is not?

White, old, rich men (WORMs).


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