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Monday, April 25, 2011

Lots of amazing stories in the media this weekend

So I am busy grading lots and lots of papers as the semester winds down. Plus mowing lots of grass (it just does not stop growing) and finishing my basement! And I also went on a cool hike.

But I noticed lots of interesting stories in the media this weekend.

Like this story about how rap music inspires Libyan rebels to defeat Gadhafi. See, I told you rap music is not all bad!

And this story about a new report showing the role that Transocean played in the Gulf oil spill. It appears this is just another company with a history of recidivism.

Oh, and not to mention the Winston Salem Journal called for a moratorium on executions based on my study! (that was Sunday). Cool, no?

And the big story today is that "WikiLeaks" has revealed interesting details about Guantanamo detainees, including that a few dozen have returned to terrorism or armed conflict.

There is some interesting stuff in here, including this:

"They ... paint in great detail a portrait of al Qaeda as it grew stronger in Afghanistan in the 1990s, prepared for the 9/11 attacks and scattered in their aftermath.

"Among the files already published by WikiLeaks and examined by CNN is that of Ahmed Khalfan Gailani, recently convicted by a New York court of taking part in the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Tanzania in 1998. The file, from 2006 when Gailani was transferred to Guantanamo, includes details of his time as a bodyguard and cook to Osama bin Laden shortly before the 9/11 attacks. Gailani is cited as telling interrogators that the al Qaeda leader had a "normal diet" and usually ate with about 15 bodyguards."

Read more on the last story here (CNN) or here (Fox).


  1. In response to the hike... Rough Ridge is probably one of my favorites on the parkway. 3rd, I would say.

    Stack Rock Creek is number one

    and Crabtree Falls in linville is awesome, as is the waterfall (

  2. Another one.. if you don't mind the drive (you shouldn't, it's pretty awesome):

    Graveyard Fields Loop. Worth the drive and spending the entire day there.

  3. I read the article on rap music for the people in Lybia, and I can appreciate the message. I am an avid listener to the rap music from the U.S. and understand its orgin. The oppressed need an escape and with rappers and musicians that is the escape. When society holds you back then the solution is to fight back and these young men fought back with words. This media depiction of a rebellion fits! They now have the right to their freedom of speech and expression!