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Friday, April 22, 2011

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From CNN

Kate and Diana: Royal comparison

CNN's Randi Kaye and Richard Quest look at Prince William's fiancee, Kate Middleton, and his late mother, Princess Diana. Will Kate be as nervous as Diana was in 1981? | QUEST: WHY ROYAL WEDDING MATTERS | FULL COVERAGE

Latest news

Death, crime, terrorism, and petty, trivial stuff. That is pretty much it! And we wonder why Americans are so uninformed about important events and issues.


  1. Wow. trivial does not even do this list justice. a $6,390 toliet seat! I think that pretty much summarizes what Americans are interested in! Murder, money, terrorism = American interest. sad. I agree, its a great mystery why we are ignorant and uninformed.

  2. Thank goodness for the Lindsay Lohan update

  3. I am not going to lie, I watched a show on the ridiculously expensive toilet. Lady Gaga is big for the sole reason she is unique and strange. Stories have been circling around Donald Trump more so after he decided he wanted to run for the next presidential election (side note: President Obama "roasted" Trump at his Correspondent's Dinner It is sad to me that the news is only filled with trivial stories and violent crime stories. For once I would like to hear several uplifting stories back to back.